bug with imported curves

when I select some imported curve from 2.5
I get some problems with extra line going almost to infinity

see pic

anyone else has experienced this problem on window 8.1?

thanks for any feedback
happy bl

Have you tried to open it with an older version to see if that bug started to happen in a specific version ?
So much code have changed since 2.5 (that was rather buggy on its own in comparison to the more rock solid 2.49b) that it not really surprising there are problems with blends created in 2.5

Select visible, normal parts of the curve then invert selection, delete. I hope this will clean up most of the damage seen in your posted image.

I think it might have been old file from 2.49!

so this could be a backward compatibility thing

i’v already made a new file in 2.74

but would be nice to be able to upload the old file and working in 2.74

if I rotate view I loose all objects in viewport
and cannot get back !
I have to select object in outliner and focus on it

still annoying bug

I just did a bug report on it will see what I get as answer.

but would be nice to have other people having same problem

you can test it here

z1.blend (1.66 MB)

happy bl

here is old file
you can try to import ob from it to a 2.74 file
and see if u get problem!

looks from bug report that they can see problem
curve does not have handle and totally weird

pulley-short1.blend (217 KB)

note the curve is a poly curve
no handles !

there is a bevel curve on the curve

happy bl

if you can add any details to the bug report please do so in the bug report
it might help to resolve this problem!

thanks for any feedback

happy b