Bug with Suspend Scene

Hey guys. I’m working on an RPG game, and I use Suspend Scene and add an overlay scene when the inventory is opened. Then when the inventory is closed, it removes the overlay scene and resumes the game. But there is a bug…

I use the add object actuator to add particle effects (such as a splash in this case). If the inventory is opened while an object is making a splash, the splash will stay there when the scene is resumed. It will not continue to play its animation, and it will not remove the object after its life time is over. Does anyone know how to fix this? I was just thinking the easiest workaround would be to delete all particle effects when the game resumes. But this IS a bug, so I don’t know if there would be a way for me to correct this.

Oh and if it makes any difference, the splash is an instance of a group

I remember there was a thread regarding action actuator and suspended scenes some weeks ago. I can’t remember the details. Maybe this is the same.

I suggest to test the situation in 2.60 or 2.61

I’m having the same problem. After resuming the scene the action actuator no longer works. I’m using 2.62.