WHen I am logged in on the java browser #Blenderchat, and then I render a big Image, all my keyboard keys get messed up in the brows3er app. Any sugseestions?

Any sugseestions?

Uh, was operating system are you running on ? This could be help to know where it could be coming from… So, have you tried to simply reboot your computer ? (the bad guy is maybe in a bad mood lol :smiley: ).


why the **** did you put this in Finished Projects?!?!?!

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No, because you picked a totally wrong section for this. I don’t know which you should choose, just not the Finished Projects section.

hey give him a break he probably just wasn’t thinking! i do it all the time i want to start a new thread while i am in a thread already and i click post reply and it has nothing to do with the thread that i am in! don’t feel bad just move your question to the blender general. :wink:

gosh darn it!
why do you do this?
you have been here long enough to know how to make a real help thread.

like including some information.

ohhhhhhhhh s***!!! Did I really posted this in finished? lol it was meant to be in Blender General. I took the top board from the catergory… :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

I use windows XP

thats ok people make mistakes not me but over people :P.

I’ve had keyboard switching problems on XP too. quite often actually. but I’m sure ít’s not our java applet… I have it sometimes when I’m on irc with bersirc (irc client)


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Do you have more than one keyboard layout installed? (I do, dvorak and qwerty)
If so, by default Ctrl+Shift switches between them. You press this combination a lot in blender, and the alternative of Left Alt+Shift isn’t much better.

Just turn it off (Control Panel->Keyboards) and everything will be fine

I only have a qwerty keyboard