Bug !!!!!!

Hi Guys I found a bug with Blender 2.62 (2.62.1, r 44836)
I tried to bridge two edges with Loop Tools option, but blender got crashed. I dont know what i’m gonna do . Plz any one help to fix this Bug

What to do? Report a bug on blender.org (bottom of the page)

In the User Preferences / Addons in the Loop Tools addon panel there is a button to report a bug for that addon.

thanx a lot guys… will report it…

Looptools is an addon that probably got broken when bmesh got integrated. Thankfully in the edge tools (Ctrl + E) you can now find the “Bridge two edge loops” option which basically does the same thing.

Hey dude. really thanx i didn’t notice abt bridge option in Edges (Ctrl E). But unfortunately i tried to bridge the 2 edges, and blender got crashed again. I dont know wat to do…:frowning:

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thanx Fweeb :slight_smile: