bugati veyron

hi guys ive been meaning to start a serious project and have finaly decide that it will be this possibly the fastest production car in the world only trouble is ive never modeled in blender b4 hahaha yh u heard me right but i am going to follow a tut on modeling a car and adapt it as i go along anyhow i would love to know the best way to make sure i get the blueprints lined up perfectly oh i also found a pretty well stocked resource for blueprints if anybody is interested the link is


here is my setup does it need tweaking i can post the blend file if u guys wouldnt mind taking a look thanx

sorry for totaly illegal bump guys ime certainly not any nore important than anyone else but i just wanted to add something to my post well i now know that there is a huge problem with the way i have my blueprints setup seen as when i move a block on the y axis on the side of my car it also travels on the y axis on the front of my car i know this is a very simple thing but no matter what i do i cant seem to get them to match up please help guys

i just realized how dumb i sounded in that post so i will try to explain better

obviousy if u move something on the y axis it will move on the y axis on other viewports my question is how do i change my viewports to the correct views for top front rear etc ime not totaly dumb just totaly confused

Mr_starfire, there’s an easy way to make yourself more clear without triple posting, just click the edit button on your post.

That being said, try moving your mouse over the viewport and hitting 7, 1, or 3 on your NumPad. 7 gives you a top view, 1 gives you a front view, and 3 gives you a side view from the right. To get a rear view, rotate the camera using 4, 6, 8, and 2. Hitting any of these buttons 6 times will rotate the camera exactly 90 degrees.

BTW, this is…erm…quite an ambitious project for someone who hasn’t used Blender before. Good luck, I hope you finish it. If you do, it’ll be quite an accomplishment. I don’t want to scare you, but if you complete this, it’ll be the toughest beginning project I’ve ever seen.

the keys on the num pad change views.
1 = front
3 = side
7 = top
ctrl + 1 = rear

hahah thanx guys and i am sorry about triple posting and i do realize how much of an ambitious project this is i have used a modeling programme b4 and i have used blender for what seems foreve despite the noobish questions lol i have just never modeled in blender b4 only wings 3d this is going to be a very steep learning curve iand i dont expect to look much like the car at the end i just want to learn some of the processes and the preperation if i start with an easy project i will get bored and give up i guess i just like a challange (just hope ime better at this than i am at english huh) lol