Bugatti T13 "Brescia"

My first attempt at modelling something moderately complex. It’s a 1921 Bugatti T13. I modelled it after some blueprints and some reference photos and since there were about fifty different versions of this car my aim was not to model it to the last nut and bolt but to capture some of the essential “Bugatti-ness”. So tell me what you think, I appreciate any comment on the modelling, the texturing or the lighting.

(credits: almost all materials came from the blender open materials repository, except for the brick wall en cobblestone textures, they cam from mayang)

Very nice, love the detail. I want to know how you went about making the front grill please.
To make it a bit more realisticly rendered add a bit more ray mirrior on the body colour and brighten up the lamp/s a bit more but overall nice work.

how about trying to render it in indigo … or try to get more photolike feeling in it. Now it looks bit like its from PC game.

the shadow needs to be darker since this is an outdoor scene with direct sunlight. so you’ll need to make the sun lighter and/or the other lights darker. Or at least lighten up the wall in back. It doesn’t fit in otherwise.
I’m assuming you wanted the car to look "hand made, with all the little dents and creases, it’s a very nice effect. The seat needs to be darker (if it’s leather) or otherwise not as shiny. The front grill seems to go further down than the rest, you’ll need to fix that.

This sounds like I think it’s horrible, all these little points are minor though, almost all the modelling, lighting, texturing and composition is really nice. (It might be nice to see a mesh though.) :smiley:

@sha: the grill is a simple black plane with a transparent plane in front that has an alphamap texture (the honeycomb mesh from the metals section of the blender open materials repo: )
@eradicor: indigo is on my list, but then again, so many things are :slight_smile: All you guys have a point though, the lighting needs the most attention I think, AO notwithstanding.
@+‘´¯)BonE(¯`’+: the mesh is a mess :frowning: see attachment. I found it difficult to model the extrusions on the side of de hood at first)