Bugatti Veron

hi this is my most recent car what do you think, any idears for a sceen

No ideas for a scene, but what you have looks very nice thus far.

Some more views please! :wink:


Needs some more lights.
Put the car next to a brick wall
or something.

thanks guys heres a view from the back.
brick wall eh, brick walls are used to often but thanks for the input.

i just had an idea i could use this in this years F1 comp, it is the worlds fastest production car i believe so i could do something along those lines

im not sure if i should model the inside or not, if its in the comp i suppose il have to.

i really like this so far, but JDA is right, it needs more light so you can at least get some decent criticism.

Nice looking Buggati Veyron. Did you use Yafray? could you post a wire of it? Not to be picky, but the left taillights don’t look the same as the right ones, by the way the left tailights are correctly shaped. As for a scene, how about a scene whre the veyron is being displayed? Sort of in the auto shows? I know it’s difficult but it’s just a suggestion

Wow Aidan…Im impressed. I also see a star pattern on the driver side there. maybe its not smoothed.

Nice work!

Nice work so far!!! :smiley:

You stole my idea. A long while ago I started making a Bugatti Veron (The coolest looking car ever), but it ended up as a toilet mesh.

hey guys ive made some more updates

Enriq766: whitch drivers side, im in Australia so drivers side doesent realy help unless i know where you are from, oh and the mesh should be perfectly symetrical and i cant find any star patterns, could be reflection i suppose, could you be more specific sorry.

To do list:

headlights still need work
need to add windows
possibly interior

The lights on the Left side…

Im from the great USA!

Beu/ ti/ ful !

Thats it…


Oh,I also love the paint job,It really adds personality to that bad boy.

I love the bugatti veron! keep up the good work, it looks great

Enriq: ahh thanks i was looking at the other pic at the front, yer its wierd that they are there because they are copies of the other ones il fix it anywawy thanks

Looks great so far… Can you post wires and maybe a link to the blueprint you are using (if you are using such one… =)… I’ve also thought about starting on this one… i got plans on making a lot of cars. I’m nearly finished with the Shelby Cobra (can be found in Focused Critique, and here in the WIP section.) But now you’ve started work on it, i think i’ll find another one…

The only thing i can see that looks wrong are the wheel-arches. They are too high, and too sharp. try take a look here, for reference: front of the car is a lot more curvy, too…

Keep it going [!]

Tjeiken: il post some wires soon, and a new colour sceem, very similar to that cars one. but every time i go to render the computer crashes, but i could do some wires easily, i get all my blueprints from it has a massive range.

about the wheel arches, they have been bugging me from the start, ive redone them about 3 times and they still not right.

wow, looks cool. nice :smiley: .

i just had an idea i could use this in this years F1 comp, it is the worlds fastest production car i believe so i could do something along those lines

dont you have to create everything you use in the competition from scratch though?

frig: what do you meen, i did create it from scratch

i mean, i dont think you are allowed to use anything previously created. you need to create every object in your scene from scratch when the competition starts.

i dunno, i might be wrong, i just wanted to save you some trouble later on down the road.

btw, again, nice model. definately the coolest blender car around :wink:

Hey here is a brighter render for the people who asked, its done with the internal renderer.

frig: i know Job Has alredy done his, but il ask around see if i can get the rulebook

Looking really nice man. No crits from me.

As for the F1 rules, you can start anytime, anywhere, as long as they are all new models. Always been that way.