Bugatti Veyron w/ some clay renders :)

Up to this point in blender I haven’t done any smooth/organic models and since cars are certainly fun to look at (not to mention model!)
I thought I might open a WIP thread… There a lot of problems with the mesh that bog down the sleekness of the car not to mention I have to work on the creases but it’s a WIP isn’t it? :wink: If you guys are feeling generous and want to help me out then feel free to critique on how I could improve this model and the techniques that could be applied (So far the sculpting tool is what I’ve used to smoothen out rough spots).

Whew :eek: here it is!


nice model !

I just made Bugatti Vyron and your model looks so much better. Great work.

Seems to me like it could use some more vertecies. Most of the curved lines have “dents” in them that look like there’s not enough verts there.
A screen of the wireframe would really help at this point.
Still, awesome model, I like the car! :smiley:

It’s also an excellent lighting job. I agree though, could you post wireframes?

The wireframes are below and everything has level 1 subsurf (the windows are temporary). thanks for the comments

@Germanunkol: the bumps that you are talking about are literally bumps in the mesh, not because of a low poly count, a few hours of tinkering should smooth things out…

@admiralducksauc: the lighting is just a sun lamp with ambient occlusion :stuck_out_tongue:



Here is a quick materials test, I’m going to continue to try and smooth the mesh although it’s a really slow process


I’ve finished most of the rear which the first renders didn’t show and I’m moving onto the engine next; comments still appreciated!

p.s. if anyone could help with generating specularity without brightening the scene too much it would be appreciated (like the reference photo!)


By “Specularity” I guess you mean those white reflections on the car body and glasses. Apecularity, in the legacy CG parlance is a fake light reflection. You would want to avoid that on this model. What you want are true reflections.

In photo studios, they use white cards and shoot strong lights on them. You must do the same thing in your scene. Add rectangular planes, set their color to white. Diffuse only, no specularity of mirror and point strong spot lights on them. Simple white is not enough to produce nice reflections in your car paint. Another way is to use a HDR environment map.

You’re a pretty good modeler. You might want to document yourself about “Linear Workflow” for texturing and lighting your scene.

I still see some bumps on the car hood where the two sheets meet. You could greatly improve the bumpiness of the model by using much less dense grid on them and let the sub-D surface do the job. It would not only produce smoother surface but would be much easier for you to tweak it.

P.S. Thanks for commenting on my candles texturing.

set up some white planes around you car, than give those white planes an emit value you car should than reflect those white planes give you those highlights. Another cheat you can uses is to render a reflection pass than in comp you can add the reflection back with a higher intensity than normal to get the hdri reflection look.

p.s. I am modeling a bmw m6 at the moment, check my signinature. if you click on it and go to the bottom page you can see an example of how I got those white reflections you are trying to go for. If there is something I don’t like in the your car it would be the topology its the cause of all sorts of bumps on your model

This is something I’ve been trying to do for a while now but did not succeed. I just cannot make an “emitting” material to reflect in other materials in my scenes. Could you explain your workflow for succesfully using this technique? Anything you might think that I might be missing?

Thanks for the feedback ypoissant, I decided not to do a studio render but thanks for the info. I’m posting this update really late but I decided to make a few final renders before scrapping the project, I definitely learned a lot but it was very mind-numbing to sit at a computer moving all those vertices around so it had to end (the sculpt tool helped a little). Although I didn’t get around to reading about linear workflow it does seem to improve all the renders it’s applied to, one day I’ll tackle that article. Thanks again

p.s. maybe I’ll start working on the Yamato again, it’s only been 4 months right :stuck_out_tongue: