Bugatti Veyron

My first car “Bugatti Veyron” :yes:


Not bad, not brilliant but good effort, i dont know why you bothered with the watermark.

The contrast and color could use some tweaking and also i think that the image could do witha bit of sharpening. At the moment its looking a bit blurry and muddy.

I’m not sure what effect you were going for with the wheels but they look cartoonish, as does the car as a whole. Its not bad, just styalised, and for your first car its a good effort.

thankx…& yeah i know tht this car is still incomplete…i’ll complete it soon don’t worry :eyebrowlift2:

Hey…now check it!! :yes:


well modeled except for the wheels. if you want something gallery worthy improve the materials, lighting (make it brighter, wheels, resolution (too small too see your details), add more details, and add an interior. but if this is a finished project good job anyways.

thankx…i’ll try to improve it.