Bugged armatures deformation

For about a week or two now I’ve been attempting to fix the armature for a model. I simple can’t get the bones weighted correctly on the mesh at one point i even manually selected the verts instead of allowing bone heating or weight painting however it still does not deform properly. Added to that lately after i separated the shoulder into two separate bones in an attempt to fix a shoulder deformation it seems to be bugged now.

For example If I was to go into pose mode and rotate the armature and right click or if i was to copy the ik hand from the left hand and mirror copy it to the other the right shoulder does not snap back into place properly or attains a flawed translation.

I have been attempting to solve it for my self for a while before i asked anyone, however its slown down development time of my game project considerably. I’ve attached the file below can anyone provide advice or assistance?


Reino5.blend (788 KB)

it looked like you had a few problems in the rig itself, most of them looked fairly minor to me, sometimes with rigs you want to have seperate bones for deformation, like the rib cage. i went a ahead and did some editing to your rig; cuz hey thats the cool thing about blender u can mess w other ppl’s projects without messing them up.

i used some action contraints to make the clavicle(at least that what i think its called) act the way it would in real life and some stretch to constraints for the neck deformations. i noticed for your arm the your IK chain had a chain length of 3, i redused it to two so the constraints i added could work. most of the time your want the chain length to be two for arms and legs. if you’ve got any questions about the changes i made just tell me


Reino5editedRig.blend (812 KB)

oh yea, i made the changes in blender 253 which i assumed is what youre using, if not i can update it to be in 249 for u as well

crazy thanxz a lot I’ve been attempting to fix this rig for a while your awesome and it moves a lot easier now I knew rigs needed extra bones to help with deformation but i always used it to help translate and rotate the skeleton itself not so much for the mesh which makes sense thnx :smiley: I can begin animation now for the characters moveSet. I think i’ll either need to find a dedicated artist or take a year out and learn blender properly =p

The model and armature was made in 2.5 but because i need the ogre exporter which is going to skip 2.5 and appear again in 2.6 i have to use 2.4 to animate and export however i am guessing its jst a matter of appending the file from a fresh blender 2.4 scene correct?

again thnx

going from 25 to 24 isn’t a good solution, because blender 25’s animation system was completely rewritten blender, blender 249 won’t know what to do with any animations you set up. and there two action constraints i added which won’t work in 249 since they use animation as a part of their constraint system. i don’t know anything about ogre but if you haven’t gotten to getting this stuff into your game engine yet, you may want to investigate the unity 3d game engine, it has a free license and is stupidly easy to use. it uses the fbx file format which blender 25 exports natively

if you want i can make a version of your rig that’ll work in 249 tho

i have not realized this. It is probably why it deforms so well. I am aware of Unity and other SDKs however I have a substantial amount of my fighting game already completed in jme and though the other version of jme supports most formats the version i am using is tightly integrated with ogre.xml would it be okay if i had the 249 rig?

If I added bones for the ankle elbow and wrist would that also help the deformation?

here it is, this one actually has better movement since i made the actions all at once instead of separately, the deformation of the wrists and elbows all looked good to me, you may want a bone or two around the waist tho. you may want to attach the feet to the legs however so he doesn’t walk around with his feet getting left behind like in a jump for instance. but at this point its really a matter of personal preference


Reino5editedRig249.blend (451 KB)

snowcovered thnx a lot i could not figure this out short of starting from scratch again but the improvements to the rig make positioning and handling the bones a lot easier. thnx