BüggiDesigns ;)

Hey Com,
I’ve been creative and founded the new designstudio “BüggiDesigns” nearly 17 hours ago :wink:
To tell the truth, it was boring and because of nobody is online at 2 o’clock I tried to create a new logo… I started with a few scribbles… Then I started to create my “thing” in Blender, the Outline, the black lines inside and the face are made in Photoshop, not really clean, i know, but i am done :wink:

My logo in action :wink:


The other way round :wink:


Front WITH face:


And here without:


okay, now it’s your turn :slight_smile:
I think I have learned a lot while this project :slight_smile:

AAAAAAAAND: I like it :slight_smile: --> my first Blender-project I like :wink:

If it is not easy to see: the downside (Picture 2) should be a B the other way round and a D… I don’t know wether you can see it :slight_smile:


ummm nice logo…

thx :slight_smile:
some more?