Buggles^^ Sort of a first project,

I wanted to post this project when its finished completely, but then I realized in terms advice, comments and critique that it wouldn’t hurt.
I have modeled some things in Blender before, but that was 2 years ago, and I was still in high school, little time gave me reason to grow bored with the program.The Blender phase lasted a week or 2 in between school activities.

I’m extremely new at Blender and I hate reading manuals and tutorials. I think I only came as far as “detailing your simple person 2” on the wikipedia tutorial.^^

And unfortunately for me, I don’t have an unlimited cap to dl videos:(

Anycase, my first image is the concept design. Thought I’ll go for something easy and simple to make the experience more fun. I wanted to originally model my computer mouse^^


The second image is how I first approached. I kept on adding objects instead of molding it directly.

My new and current approach, I kinda realized I should have stretched the arms out first and not mold it into a immediate poze. So yikes:S I dunno if I should stop, and redo first. And the legs are killing me, its even more dificult then the hands. Talking about the hands, yeah, I know the one hand looks slightly weird^^


Anyhowz, feedback welcome, unfortunately I don’t remember at all at how fill something with colour yet or texturing. :s Anycase, will try and at least finish the model

Such nice responses so far:P
Haha, Im kidding,
Anycase, I think i fixed the hand, and Ive started adding the legs which turns out to be a real bugger. Whats getting to me is, I know I approached it wrong, yet I want to push into finishing the model. I’ve attached a wire image as well at how my legs currently looks…me blendering at 2Am proves to have damaging results.:frowning: I’ll fix the mess tomorrow. Apparently there is a “clay” mode on Blender? I dunno, a friend of mine took a look and said that or something,


very funny “mouse” i like the style :smiley:
i never heard of a “clay” mode but it would be nice if there’s one:confused:

About your foot mess: try some smothing this may help a bit and its easier if you copy the foot and use the mirror :wink: than both legs look the same

Mirror? I just looked up the term, thanks alot for the tip! I’ve been searching for something like that:S The hands nearly killed me to make identical yet individually.
Glad you like the “mouse” :stuck_out_tongue:

here some nice hotkeys (if you don’t know them yet)
Shift + D - Duplicate (Selected)
Ctrl + M - mirror
R - rotate; S - skale; G - Move (X;Y;Z -> on axis)
U - Unwrap (nice for texturing)

I’m glad i could help

There are some pretty strange shapes there alright. I can’t address everything there since I don’t know how much of that is intentional but I can at least point out the huge pole you have there. It appears there are 8 edges all entering one vertex. Not good. You should be able to delete some faces and weld points together to reduce that or eliminate it altogether. At this point it might be easiest to chop the feet off and redo them with some simple extrusions of the legs… Also if the body can be cut off in the middle, I agree it should be turned into a half model. and mirrored until you are ready to add an armature.


Thanks Bobg, I just did that, in general I avoid all the vertexes clogging up but I was getting frustrated, Blackcat kinda saved my project from being trashed:] Thanks again Cat,

I played a bit around with the lights and stuff, nothing fancy, I’ve got little clue at what I do, just explored a bit. The feet will definitly need some more work as well as I need to start adding in details, especially to the nose and eyes:S

Well…here it is. A less crappy version of above, its still very crude, and as you can see, I got lazy with ma feet:S Anycase, I’m gonna crash course myself with a fur tutorial and see how it comes again.


Am I allowed to tripple post?
Anycase…Blender is dangerous
Gonna work on the fur when I get back home…
Just dunno how to go from here:(

It reminds me of that old Sega Saturn game “BUG!” mixed with the Japanese stop-mo cartoon character Domo Kun. It looks like you’ve got a while to go, but I like where it’s headed.

Buggles, eh? I pronounce you, sir a copycat. :wink:

But hey, jokes aside, looks cute!