Buggy Remesh and Dyno - Help Needed

I’ll post these semi-independent, but m first issue is the retopology for my finger. I checked to ensure if had enough dynamic topology, and it did. So why is that when I remish the faces explode in this way? I checked to ensure my faces were normal, and they are, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

The second issue I’m having is using “relative detail” in dyno mode. Even though the rest of my model has more than enough geometry, it does as it’s showing with this finger: collapsing to a singular vertix.

I know the detail’s bumped up insane. This was just a test to see if maybe I had that set too low.

Not sure how to fix this either.

Nevermind! I believe I’ve figured it out.

This was what I used to resolve my remesh issues.

And this seemed to resolve my dyno issues.

I’m open to any other methods however!