Buggy Y shift of texture? (2.33a & 2.34)

Hi Blenderers,

I’m modelling a room with Blender 2.33a. I’ve created some sprites to use for signs, wall stains, and other “flat” objects on the walls. To create these sprites, I add a new plane, create a new material, and assign a new texture using an image file.

PROBLEM: It seems Blender is introducing a slight “Y” shift of my textures. The very bottom edge of my texture’s image is being rendered across the top edge of the plane. If I shift the texture’s Y offset by -0.002, it seems okay, but I shouldn’t have to do this right? Here is an example of 3 planes. The first plane’s texture has been fixed by adjusting the Y offset to -0.002. The other two planes demonstrate the bug.

Question 0: I'm not sure if this is a problem with SizeY OR Yofs. It seems I can tweak either by a tiny amount to workaround the problem. QUESTION 1: Am I doing something wrong? If so, how do I correct? QUESTION 2: Should I submit this as a bug?

All offsets and repeats are set to zero.
Texture image from JPG, PNG, and TGA all = same results.
Using GIMP or Ulead’s Photoimpact to create the source image = same results
Material on a plane versus a cube mesh = same results
Toggling the use of the image’s alpha channel = same results
Rendering in preview, default, or full = same results

Blender 2.33a
Win-XP Pro SP-2
Toshiba Satellite A-10 Laptop
Intel Pentium-4 2.20 GHz
240 MB of RAM

TIA for any suggestions!

Blender 2.33a or Blender 2.34 = same results
Laptop versus PC = same results
Intel versus AMD = same results

Laptop h/w is listed in original post.
PC h/w is:
Win-XP Pro
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 2Ghz
512-GB RAM
Nvidia e-geforce 4, 128 MB DDR AGP, MX 4000

TIA for ANY suggestions

There are bug reports for .bmp, and though I don’t remember any for the formats you mention I don’t go there often enough to be sure. I suggest you send the file to the bugtracker.


Hi !

I have posted a topic some weeks ago, relative to a strange behaviour of textures mapped on walls. A column of faces had it’s texture shifted along Y axis.

I solved it by chance, applying a subsurf level of 0 (zero !) to the mesh supporting the texture.

Try it and tell me !


Enabling the subsurf had no effect -the problem remains.

subsurf-ing a plane versus a cube = same results
subdivision display/rendering to 0 or 1 = same results
Simple subdivision versus Catmull-Clark = same results

I have submitted this problem to the bugtracker. It is ID# 1625.