Bugi - The Game

Pre-Alpha is on page 2

I know many of the users in this forum, perhaps all of them, will see a thread that claims “I’m making a game and it’s gonna be awesome w00t” and laugh at the poor users naivete and incompetence. I assure you, that is not the case with this Works in Progress.

The game is named Bugi and it is a space invaders clone. Yes, I know many of you also read the word “space invaders clone” and thought “Another one!?!” Well, you’re right, but this one is going to be;

#1 - cooler
#2 - more stylish
#3 - prettier
#4 - more beautiful
#5 - smoother
#6 - cooler
#7 - better gameplay
#8 - a relatively interesting storyline
#9 - cooler
#10- and it has cheese

here are the main characters.
Since this is a video game, and is the tradition of videogames, the mouse is holding a gun because there is gratuitous violence.


The home of the protagonists.
A sketch of an enemy

Two enemies who probably won’t be used.


two more enemies, again the bottom one probably won’t be used.

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Sounds cool. The characters look awesome (especially the mouse + it’s fat belly!). Be interested to see how it turns out.
The enimies look fun, + the best one would be Bug #2 by far. The house also looks fun with the bulge effect.
Can’t wait to see them made in blender.

I tried making a racing game (Cuby Racers actually) but completely failed.
I haven’t given up completely, but it’s on hold for a bit.


Here is a picture of the first bug. His color might be changed by the time the game is released.

And here he is in game.

Here is the bug in a different color theme


Here is another bug that i’ve been working on:


man, these bugs are awesome, love’em !!!
great concept art (and great sketching skills BTW)
looking foreward to see more,

Here is the first bug with textures and a different color scheme


awesome!!! I love how u made the eyes of the bugs. pleaasse tell how u made them:)

and the drawings rule too

The Bug Eyes are made with an ico sphere of subdivision 2 (or so, not really that important).

Then you parent another sphere to that icosphere. Apply dupliverts to the ico sphere, and the second sphere will appear about 20 times in a spherical shape. That’s what gives the different lenses to the eyes. It’s a big waste of space, but since the game is just using animations of the bugs and not actual in game graphics, there isn’t really a vert limit to the models.

The material of the eyes has fake SSS (using vertex coloring and then vertCol) as well as a darker ramp shader so that the shadows are darker. These might not actually make much of a change to the final render, but I thought it might help.

Yeah, those bugs are coming along really well.
Next you should make Bug #2 “Larve”.

This game already looks like it would be tons of fun!

Yea, I’ll make Larvae right now, but there’s just one problem. He is on the ground, and I need a bug that can fly… Perhaps he is carried? Maybe he has a thousand little wings… Maybe he has a jetpack.

Instead of making the larvae, who I’m not entirely sure I can make fly while maintaining the original feeling of the sketch, I instead made a rough model of the main character, the Mouse. His weapon will come next.


I’m trying to picture a gun, but I’m having a lot of trouble making it.


Nice concept,
the modeling is good too…
but, I think you can do a little better materials and renders so that it looks even cooler

keep it up

The mouse is looking good, but I think it’s belly needs to be alot fatter like in the original sketch. If he looks kind of slouchy it gives him heaps more character!
Keep it up.

Just one question, Do you play as the mouse and run around the place or what?

w00t thats the way to go man!!!11 XD

I think you’re right Cubey, he has lost a bit of his original character from the sketch. I’ll work on that stomach. Also, I have to find a material for that gun, mine right now is awful.

These renders are actually sort of useless, but I think they show off the model well. He will be riding a bicycle, and you’ll be moving side to side firing up (because it’s space invaders). This means that much of the model won’t be seen, but that’s ok.

Really cool designs of the bugs! Love your style. However, the mouse looks little dull, comparing to the bugs.

yeah you should give him a big belly button :stuck_out_tongue: