Bugs: blender 2.48a + yafAray 0.1.0

I have found the difference between ubuntu and macintel rendered pictures:
macintel - correct area lighting:

ubuntu x64 - non symmetrical area lighting:

Any ideas?
PS About ubuntu:
new 8.10 ubuntu. blender 2.48a - from getdeb. yafaray from yafray.org/download

Hi Yaroslav.
Any chance you could upload the .blend file? Things look reasonably symmetrical here.


64 bit Hardy.
Blender svn
Yaf(a)ray 288
Direct Lighting

There is a thread at yafray.org about the Area light working as a parallelogam instead of an oblong in an earlier build. Which Yaf(a)ray version are you using?

bert_b from yafray.org tell me that the problem in my 282 YaR - I have only oficial YaR.

  • can U give me some step-by-step instruction (for not-programmer and… english is not my native language), so I need really detailed instruction how to install YaR 288? Can U? Please!

The easiest way I know of is to use greenthumb’s sevenblend script. After installing the necessary dependencies you simply run the shell script and it downloads and builds the latest svn versions of both Blender and Yaf(a)ray. To update them later you need only to run the script again.

I would be happy to help you with it. I am still using 8.04 so I don’t know if the dependencies are the same(there is a list included with the script in the README), but it really is quite straightforward. If you have built Blender before it should be easy. It builds an integrated version of Blender using the old Yafray button to render so you can still use particle hair and save animations as .exr or whatever, or you can choose to use the QT python export from the same Blender build.

The script is here:- http://www.yafray.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1524
Download the latest 0.1.3 version

I should add, I too am not a developer.

Does anybody test greenthumb on 8.10 x64?

I’m fairly sure it does work, people have mentioned it at yafray.org, though obviously I don’t have any personal experience with it on 8.10.

Great thank U!