Bugs! Fortunately not programwise...Well maybe XD

So here’s the thing…I’m trying to simulate bugs… Lots of bugs!

I’m planning on having scarabs come from well… everywhere, the level is supposed to be set in a pyramid, but without the scarabs my idea is pointless really :frowning:

In the process of trying, two problems occurred, I don’t know how to add wall climbing for the bugs… And I don’t know how I would make blender run with that many bugs… So is there another way?

The bug is only a plane with a texture on it. Although 4 vertexes might become 4000 pretty fast :frowning:

Blender’s never really liked huge amounts of objects, but if the programming is simple and they have limited geometry (maybe a plane with animated texture if they’re small enough?) you should be okay.

Wall climbing is a difficult task…the only thing I can think of if tell the bug that when it gets to a wall, it rotates to match the wall (searching for rotation tutorials might help, there’s a good one somewhere) and applies two Motion actuators: one to defy gravity (force 0,0,-9.8) and one to apply a new, sideways gravity (force 0,0,9.8L).

Aight… Hmm… I already made a a demo of some simple bugs, but as they grow in numbers it get’s too slow… Maybe I should make them join eachother into a bigger textured plane?

Use the function in Social’s FPS template to calculate the angle of the wall. Then, depending on whether or not your bugs are dynamic (which they probably don’t need to be if they’re just a plane) you can have them move forwards according to their new orientation.

What would actually be harder than having them climb on walls would be having them act like bugs. To get a mass of bugs to interact and run around all over the place in a rather random matter (as it seems bugs do sometimes) would be very complicated, and too much to say here.

Good luck though!


Well if your bugs are no more than just a textured plane. If it’s not even animated at all. There’s a really simple fix. There was this animated UV scrolling script posted awhile back by someone (my memory is not too good about this one). Just use that and a texture of scarabs slapped onto the plane that hugs around the walls. Apply the script and viola, moving scarabs along the wall.

;)Heh, that’s the quick and painless way of doing it. Not sure how realistic the results would be though.

Jason Lin

Thanks alot mates :wink: I actually have the UV-scroll .blend around here somewhere XD

Yah the script is by Pepius