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So it turns out these files are okay to post so :slight_smile:

These files are not appropriate for work or children

Its like a add-on with nothing to add just two Blender pages , one male and one female
and is apparently good for 2.80 and 2.79b and probable older additions also.
These are ( working ) anatomically correct models and very detailed as is the application,
Build-A-Bod is an intermediate/advanced resource for creating bodies in Blender for head hacks, etc. or just making a model quickly , not much for head and face work
Hope you find it usefull
( Credit goes to Neroticus
There are no head/face specific shape keys, there are however shape keys
for everything else , use your imagination , this is for creating bodies ,very
detailed body’s , UV maps but no textures included
Armature/skeleton is extremely basic, but is a full rig ,face,hands feet ,ect
Just unzip and use , I have been exporting as a DAE or FBX file when I have
my model build and re-importing to normal Blender when I’m ready to continue
working the model.

BuildABod_Female_1_3.7z (4.2 MB)
BuildABod_Male_1_3.7z (2.9 MB)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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