Build A Bong

Hi I just got started with Blender a few months back. Im fiddling with cycles to make a preview of some pipes I want to make.:smiley: Its an early render, tried adding smoke but couldnt pull it off, any advise is welcome.

Sory if this is offensive or needs an age flag, this is my first post so Im not sure where to set that Ill edit if necessary.

Looks like one of those modular hampster tube things, is it a sort of build your own kit?

Do you blow glass?

if it is to be modular like this, you would have to build a machine that did the work,

great design and concept.

I want some of these pipes for my self :wink: they look awesome.

Hi SterlingRoth, it is in fact just like the modular hamster tubes, so far this are the base forms, being the filter with bubblers, ice holders, elbows and split joints. Later on I will make other more complex or artistic forms, always considering that it should be functional as this is to be made into phisical form.
I dont blow glass, but I work with molds, which can be cast in glass or other materials

Hi @BluePrintRandom, you are in fact correct, I work with 3D printing and Im developing my own inyection system for molds, so once the design is ready its all in the hands of machines that make all the hard labour.

thanks for the support @Jamie_B. Im in fact making the first physical prototypes and hopefully will be able to produce, sell and ship the actual build your bong kits all over the world. So ill let you know when you can have one for your own…hopefully real soon! :slight_smile:

Awesome man :slight_smile: keep me posted