Build Blender with CUDA 9 / MSVC17

Hi there,

I’m not a coder but following the instructions here I can successfully build Blender with MSVC 2015 / CUDA 8 etc.
Everything is running smoothly.

Now I tried compiling with the latest MSVC 2017 Community Edition (which according to the make.bat should work using “make release 2017” but it fails saying that CUDA 8 is not working with this compiler version.
CUDA 9 should work though according to nVidia.

Now the big and simple question: Can I just uninstall the CUDA 8 Development Kit and replace it with the CUDA 9 version?
Will this work?



Answering my own question. Brecht just submitted this:

I can now successfully use MSVC17 and CUDA 9 to compile Blender! :slight_smile:

Do you notice differences in render time or vRAM usage with kernels compiled with CUDA 9?