"Build" modifier problem

is there any way to switch the direction orientation of the “build” modifier, or maybe choose the direction with a curve?

I am trying to “build” text but it’s going from right to left instead of left to right

If you’re starting with a text object and converting to curves then mesh you can do this:

Add the text. Alt-C to convert to curve, use a single filling group.
Edit mode, A-key to select all control points. W-key->Switch Direction.
Object mode, Alt-C to convert to mesh. Add the Build modifier.

Hey peoples,
I tried the curve method but…
Their seems also to be a problem with the text not building properly.
One solution also is to import text from another 3d app, I found after testing several apps milkshape 3d gave the best results.
The text builds correctly, like it is being written on the screen.
I read a bug report on this issue eons ago.