Build Modifier

Hi @ all,

i would write a text in a classical style, so i have used a font. Now i want to “write”(animate) this text. I think, the build modifier is a good way, but i haven´t found a way, to tell the modifier in which order it has to show verts. So could somebody give me a hint how i could sort the verts for the build modifier in a quick way?

May be something like marking the verts with B and push Button “XYZ” or else?

Thanks a lot



I was trying to do this as well.

Some tips can be found here:

Hi Atom,

thanks for your reply.

That´s is not complete the same i would do. Because if you build it from left to right it doesn´t seem to write the letters. My fontis really classical so there are a lot of direction changes in the writing. So i need something you tried with your script but with an option to put all verts in a list in the order i marked it an write the indices back in this order.

Do you have a quick idea to this?

Thanks a lot!



A couple more approaches here. You can try the grow along path, which means you will have to manage every stroke of every letter in your font. Or the reveal using the shrinkwrap. If it is fancy text and it has to absolutely be that way, you are in for some work. I would try to do a reveal somehow, or just do it in After Effects with the Write-On effect.