Build Modifier

Good afternoon. I am using “The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics”
and doing the exercises in it… I’m in the chapter for Modifiers and working through the Build Modifier

I had to create a text, I added the Build Modifier to it and the text disappeared off screen… did Alt+A to play and it built the text from the left to the right. It said to reverse and have the text build from right to play, have to convert the text to a mesh (I did all this)… then it said to have text in Object mode, the build modifier is applied and has been converted to Mesh… then it says to press tab to go to Edit mode… click on “Mesh”, click on “Faces” and then “Sort Faces” then select reverse.
I go to Mesh, select “Faces” and the Faces menu that comes up… there is NO Sort Faces on it… I saw a tutorial video that said to press Ctrl+F and get the faces menu…there is NO “Sort Faces” that I can find…
Can the build be reversed? and if so, How? So far, I’ve found nothing that works

thank you. I am using 2.7 Blender

  • Go to Frame 0 ( press the Left key while looking on the bottom left of the 3D View to see at which frame you are or press SHIFT + Down keys until you’re at 0 or press SHIFT+Left key until you’re at 1 then press Left to get to 0)

  • In Edit Mode select the whole mesh, or part that you want/need to be sorted

  • press the spacebar (or if you use the Dynamic space bar addon, press spacebar and click on “Search”)

  • type


You should have one result : “Sort Mesh Elements”, that’s the new “Sort Face” actually, and gives a lot of different way to sort the selected vertices/faces.

  • click on Sort Mesh Elements and select in the popup the one you need

go from mesh >> sort elements ( up near the top of the menu )

Thanks, i must have been blind, never noticed they were there :smiley:

I think they changed it recently.

thank you for the reply… To get it to work, I had to create my text, then I convert it to a mesh…after converting to Mesh, I add the build modifier… now it builds it right to left… I tab to edit, click on the ‘Face’ select, then press A to deselect and A again to select all faces. Then I press W, select Sort Mesh Elements, and then select “View X Axis” (there is no face, vertices or edge choices in the menu)… now it builds the text from left to right…
once I click on “Apply” though… it no longer is visible … not sure why… as long as I just add the Build and don’t apply … it works… Why would it no longer show the build once you click on Apply? I tried doing Apply the build Modifier before changing to Mesh and still don’t work… I’ve tried several different ways…as long as I don’t apply it, It works …

thank you…
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have a good day

If you apply the Build modifier, it will create the mesh from the frame number it was when you applied it, so it will not do anything more.
IF you want to keep the build modifier doing its work, you must not apply it.