build own renderfarm queue management software. basic questions.

Hey there,

I posted this before, but it seems that the post somehow didn’t get submitted.
I like to build a very basic render farm for my self to learn about network structures and programming.

Especially I need some info about how to include Blender into this process. What is the best way to talk to Blender?
I checked out the command line arguments but they seem very limited. Do i have to write my own python script to talk to blender and get info about progress and other parameter? What is the best way to go?

Sheep it for example seems to submit a whole Blender instance to the client? How would I do this?

Maybe there is an easy Tutorial about this summing up the possible ways to go. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.


I assume that you have already looked into using Netrender or Flamenco? Both have a Web interface showing the current queue status. Is this not good for what you need to do? What feature do you need?

Hey @Jim H,

Flamenco looks promising but a lil complicated and I am not sure if i will really make it work and how it works. I couldnt find so much info about it so far. Maybe you can provide me a good link where the setup is described in an easy way. Is it working over the internet or only in an closed network situation? Netrender didnt. work for me because it was quite buggy in my environment. The best i used so far was the Sheep-it project. Really awsome!