Build request: Win32 build of 2.54 with a fairly new revision of Luxblend25

Kind of like what I requested in this thread

Only it’d be for Blender 2.54 with a Luxblend25 revision perhaps as new as possible.

I know where I can get the newest Win32 testing build for Luxrender

But I have not seen any Win32 Blender build on the Lux forums or graphicall with the latest revisions of Luxblend25, so if anyone could again build a Win32 build of Blender 2.54 (later revisions if necessary) with a new revision of Luxblend25 that would be great.

Thanks again.

Why don’t you use download the latest build from graphicall and download the latest luxblend from the luxrender forum? It’s really not that hard to set up once you have done it one time ;)!

I’m pretty sure that the Luxrender forum only has the latest build of Luxrender itself and not Luxblend25

I did look at the installation instructions for Luxblend25, it seems that the only way to get the newest revisions is to get it from source which looks a bit more complex than just getting the latest testing build for Luxrender and getting a 2.54 build with the newest revisions of Luxblend25 already bundled.

There you go :). It can be a bit confusing in the beginning (well it was for me), but after you figured it out it’s really easy.
LuxBlend 2.5 thread
LuxBlend download
Source files for manual update
Instruction on how to update to the latest LuxBlend build manually.

For updating you basically just need to download the latest source file and then copy some folder into another folder in your LuxBlend script folder.

I looked at the github page and was totally lost, I had no idea what to do or what buttons to press, it’s not really clear to me.

This is what I meant by getting a ready-made Blender build, I would rather just use Luxblend25 right away rather than going through steps only to possibly do it wrong and spending the whole day wondering what went wrong.

Just click on “Download source” on the top right. Then follow the instructions. I think there is somewhere a folder in the source files called “ef”. You just need to copy & paste that folder in some folder in your LuxBlend folder - and then you’re done with updating.

But really it’s not neccessary. I think it’s only neccessary to update manually when something doesn’t work in an actual build anymore (api change). The builds on the site are usually just a few days old at maximum.

Last time i followed the instructions it had the addon listed but the render did not work so i just deleted it again. That might of been due to python 3 not being installed though but i don’t need that for the 2.49 version which works fine still.

I usually delete the whole blender folder when i update also so i agree it would be good if this was in some of the graphicall builds as they make things much simpler.

Wow, I downloaded and placed the folders in the required places and the exporter just worked and ran like magic:D

A few hints for those who want Lux in Blender.

-Put the ‘ef’ folder inside the Blender folder under 2.54 > scripts > io (got that hint from the Lux forum)
-Dig in the Luxblend folder for ‘Luxrender’ and put it where ‘ef’ is
-When setting the Luxrender path (assuming you got the CVS build), set it to the folder where the .exe, and all associated files are located (NOT the .exe itself)

Thank you all!

thanks a lot guys!
i tried that version of blender, but lux doesn’t seem to work accurately. Anyways i will try in the near future.