Buildbot Blender PPA

Is it possible to have PPA for the daily Buildbot ? (

In Ubuntu Software Center, the current blender version is 2.62 :smiley: quite old, as 2.64 RC2 is coming tomorrow.

Or any suggestions where I can find a PPA for Blender,

IRIE Shinsuke does regular build in his PPA.

I really hope that that Blender Foundation can work with ubuntu and the new AppDevUpload process being worked on. Maybe as a leading entity they can suggest some ideas.

I guess the new process is not for things in the main repository that are already maintained, but maybe blender foundation can be granted upload access for the blender packages.

(off topic rant about linux software management - personally i think Ubuntu should adopt a portable package type for user-level applications, like appimages, and distribute/update them through the software center. that way, people can easily download and use new stable/beta program releases at their own risk and it still allows them to have high standards for their software center review boards. The big problem is some hero desktop or distro needs to step up and integrate appimages into it. Zeitgeist or/and nepomuk can track application files, and the menu interfaces should show the icon that is stored with the file. I’m fairly sure apt-get can can handle other filetypes too. For example i think MoonOS uses a similar thing called AppShells that are uninstalled/installed using apt. I don’t know… but i really think it’s a main reason people are put off by linux. I think they just want to be able to click on a software and use it, and they expect it to be the latest stable release. that’s not just pro users that want that. Anybody that has to use a computer for business or art or whatever expects to have the latest stable with the latest features, even if they don’t really enjoy using a computer all that much)

Nah, I just want it to work with the rest of the software in the repo – which is the whole point of having distro ‘releases’.

Tried to upgrade llvm the other day (the one that ships with fedora 17 can’t build OSL) and it turned into a major undertaking since a lot of other packages rely on it and they have to be rebuilt &etc… Finally gave up after the third level of dependencies since I didn’t want to frankenstein my system too much.