Building 156

This is one of the buildings modeling for the project “FallIntoDusk”. As I’m the beginner in the architecture modeling, don’t be too hard on me. Fresh criticism and valuable advices are greeted!:slight_smile:

good start, but think about mirrow on Y axes too.

and I think that better not extrude a wall, maybe better work with one face?

This is is the 3rd or 4th attempt. I’ve entirely removed the previous ones!

I’ve made these ledges as separate (duplicated) objects, then joined with the building and guess that wasn’t right method. I wonder what is the most convinient way to model such things?



Without rendering

Can anyone tell me why does it happen? Thanks in advance!)


Forgot to mention - mirror modifier isn’t applied.

I’ve solved the problem. Just two vertices on the roof neded to be move down.


this is not the end!