Building a furniture and assets library

Hi everyone,

Very new to Blender, looking to model my first room scene.
Normally I use SolidWorks to design consumer products, so this is all new to me.

Would like to model a room, to render my product designs in that room.
Needs furniture and things like that, but I don’t know how to model anything in Blender.

How do people normally go about getting enough furniture and assets to populate a room?
Do you model it yourself?
Buy it?
Get it for free from a library site somewhere?

Appreciate any insights.


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I usually model it myself personally. Sometimes I’ll use an asset from Chocofur. I have a few free assets on Gumroad(Stools, tables). I plan on adding a few more so if you are interested you can download them here.

Just enter 0 for price to download for free. Includes 4k textures.

With the shameless self promotion out of the way, it can be hard to model everything for an entire scene. I would recommend downloading any free models you can find and build up a library. (Did this with textures, now have 30 gig xD). I usually look up things like “Contemporary” + [type of furniture] for good ideas on what to model.This guyhas some good resources and links you might like.

Hope this helps! Happy Blending.


Thanks for the links.
I found a free site, but before you download the furniture it warns you that these files may contain malicious code. So I didn’t risk it.
Turbosquid seems like a reputable site and has some decent models for free.
Along with more costly ones like $45 for a couch.
Are there other free sites that are trusted?


You technically can’t trust any file. Even “simple” JPEG files have been used in the past to exploit vulnerabilities in computer programs to run malicious code. I’m sure there are many such vulnerabilities in 3D programs, yet to be discovered (and maybe even exploited). Even an empty file might delete your documents when opened with a sufficiently poorly written program.

Turbosquid can’t guarantee you that any file they host doesn’t do that, just like virus scanners can not detect every possible virus before it’s known. At best, they can do their due diligence in verifying the identity of whoever uploads data there. This obviously has a cost that a “free” site couldn’t carry. That site you mention is just being upfront in telling you about the risk, but every file hoster (paid or not) will have something in their terms that says they’re not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of downloading a file.

Speaking about Blender in particular, by default, running scripts automatically is disabled. That doesn’t make it “safe”, it just makes it less likely that anybody will try to exploit Blender users.

well if your new to blender, isnt this a chance for you to learn blender with a more simple task of creating furniture ?
start with a table then chairs… etc.

Thanks. Yeah, that’s what I figured. So do most people just risk it?
Or mainly model their own?


Colleague found what looks like another good site for free and paid models

@CSCB: I agree, I actually uploaded a number of models to the site. You may have to sift through some not so great models but there are many good ones. Gotta watch out for those models ripped from games tho.

Gotta watch out for those models ripped from games tho.

Thanks for the tip. I’m not a gamer. Any idea how to know?