Building a human

Here is a early rendering of my digital sculpting project. Should become anatomical correct (was doing a lot of research) and photoreal.

Looks nice. Good luck with the photoreal thing…

i like the skin color. it is alltogether smooth also…good trait.

First thoughts:

Proportions look a bit off.

I’m sure you’ll be working on the materials etc. later, but they could use some adjustment.

Also, I may be too tired for this, but the eye’s looks slightly crossed…

Other things:

Wonderfull start on the modeling. It looks great.

Good luck with hair if you ever intend to have it. I’ve tried hair. It’s quite a pain.

Note on photorealism: Don’t be held down with the aspirations to photorealism. I’ve been at it for a while, and have never gotten it. If it is detailed, and of consistant good quality, photorealism becomes almost irrelivent, even though it is a good tool, for practice and the such like… But it isn’t neccessary to make good stuff. = )

I don’t think I could convince you not to try for it here, and I don’t want to, it’s just not fun to always go for it.

More detailed critique: The collar bone looks right where it connects below the neck, but on the shoulder it should connect further back. If you look at it from the top it will slant diagonally forward in the middle.

Good job with the neck, slanted up in the back and down in the front, I didn’t realize that for a while…

General tip for the face: Nothing is flat. If the lips do not pull back into towards the ends, then something is off. I can’t tell from this angle. It looks right, from here, but a bit flat in some places. >> but don’t change it unless it is actually wrong, I’m just making you aware, if you aren’t already.

Nice work, good luck.

     ---gazelle of doom

Good luck on the photrealism! Only time I’ve seen it is when they did a commercial where Michael Jordan was playing one on one with the young Michael Jordan. They used a guy that looked like the young Michael and completely cg’ed his head. They talked about how skin was essentially translucent to a degree and they had many layers of skin on to get this effect. Hoep that helps ya.

Of course… it was done with a program roguhly 7k american more expensive than Blender… %|

Are you referring to subsurface scattering?

I am very interested in SSS as well - seems like it’s a hell of a thing to get going, hope it will make its way into blender sometime…

One of the most important signs of “life” is a catch-light in the eyes. I’ve seen some tutorials recently on how Pixar does eyes, and of course they do them very well. The eyes should have reflections, and they should be looking at something, however distant. This means that they are very, very slightly converged. Also notice that a person’s eyes are almost never 90-degrees to the face.

Also, observe that no one’s face exhibits “bilateral symmetry.” Hold a piece of paper up to block off one-half of a person’s face from the other and you’ll notice that the left and right sides are very different. Many CG characters exhibit perfect symmetry and I think that’s one reason why they don’t look quite realistic.

Can you post a link to those tutorials please ?

Thanx for all comments & crits!

Forgot to mention that the textures are only “placeholders” for the modelling phase. Same with the symetry - I’ll add the variation between the two halfs at the near end of modelling stage, because sometimes I tend to do extreme changes to the overall look of the face/body while I’m modelling. Untill now I was focused on the head, but I think I can go on with the rest now.

So thanx again to all, I will keep your words in mind while I’m going on. Stay tuned for updates.

i think the lips should be darker too…

can’t wait for updates!

Here’s the first update for today. I’ve done some slight alteration on the scene lighting and tuned my skin-shader (4 layers used). To archieve some reflections on/in the eyes I used only one ambient light, but until there is really nothing what can cause reflections, exept for the sky, I think it won’t look that real.

Next big update may take a while. I’m not that fast. I just started two month ago with my first attemp of modelling a human head (still based on it), so it really is my first character ever.

C&C are welcome.

Nathan: I’m still at symetrical modelling phase, I don’t know if it would be good to do uv-mapping at this early stage (due lack of experience). If someone succeeded doing uv-mapping at this stage, let me know.

well actually I make some kind of test UV-maps, to solve stretching problems etc, and just to motivate myself

Long time since last update (trouble with my webspace).
Doing the body now:)

C&C are welcome

real eyes are wet shiny and reflective

this time I mainly improved the mesh topolgy to get some better control on the muscles and corrected the position of the six pack (nobody noticed it was wrong?).

beautiful update fromtyour last human posts… :smiley:
but i think he must be feeling kinda cold… :wink:


yeah, thats the point my girlfrind critisized most :smiley: