Building A New Computer Ideas

Ok so I have three characters in a typical scene. I want to do some animation like special effects smoke and have the characters talking at the same time. For that to render nicely( I want to see my scenes render when I click play animation (when i click spacebar than hit enter) and see how the scenes will look before I fully render out the animations. ) what would someone recommend would work optimally for hardware?

If I get the following hardware below for my new computer will this perform really well?

  • 64-bit eight core CPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Full HD display
  • Graphics card with 8 GB RAM(I have two 4gb graphics cards that I want to use in my computer)
  • Will a SSD help?


Those are very good specifications. However, the vRAM in graphics cards does not add up. Both cards must store the same data in their memory, so you will be limited to 4GB of complexity. This is still pretty good though!

An SSD will help Blender startup faster and your files will load and save faster as well. It will not help much with rendering.

Keep in mind that even the fastest machines cannot playback everything in realtime. Things like hi-res smoke will likely cause your playback to slowdown. It is common for animators to keep their scenes lightweight so they’re only previewing what’s necessary.