Building a new pc - Possibly for linux

Hello everyone,

I am considering a few options for my next PC. I have been reading a bit about dyne:bolic lynux distribution, but I will also need windows for some apps.
Would anyone care to comment on how well dyne:bolic and windows play on the same machine?
If the primary use will be dyne:bolic, can anyone comment on what I should consider when selecting components (what would be a waste of money and/or what would provide the biggest bang for the buck).

Thanks for your time!

its actually linux, not lynux

anyways, im pretty sure that dyne:bolic is a live cd, so you would probably be better of with gentoo, debian, ubuntu-kubuntu, or perhaps fedora core…

oh yeah and SuSE

wow thats a lot of distributions, but i hear that a lot of people like gentoo, and ubuntu is supposed to be user-friendly, and SuSE is supposed to be easy to network

i hope that helps, im just saying that if i were you, i wouldnt use dynebolic

Alfred Indamine,

Linux ok. So what made me think of dynebolic, was the ease with which you could set up a small render farm from older less powerful pcs. I’m not ready to go that far yet, although, this past weekend I rendered a 7 second video clip that took 20 hours to complete.

I am really looking for a sollution that will exist peacefully with a windows install. I did have Suse on my laptop (dell), it was fine for a while, but after the hard drive took a dump, I really haven’t had the nerve to put it back on. I could use it for the new pc, but I am just wanting to get an ideas of what other people use when they must have both windows and linux.

Thanks for the reply!

Get 2 seperate harddrives, 1 for Windows, 1 for Linux.

what kit89 said is a very good idea

actually i dont know too much about linux, i use macintosh computers, (i own an imac g5, not the cool one with the isight built in, but the model before that)

so if anone else is reading this and knows a good deal about linux, you should probably post your hints, i dont know a lot about this

If you want both you’ll need to set up a dual boot system.
Live CDs are neat but if you really want to work with linux you need to assign HD space for the OS eventually

Grab a copy of partition magic and partition out a space for a ext3 partition, install SUSE on it and use GRUB as your boot master. Set windows as your default OS in GRUB. Easy as cake.

Anything running windows needs lots-o-RAM. Make sure you get plenty. Other than that I would suggest a large HD. 100gigs or more. This will give you a good size chunk of HD space to allocate for your linux parition.

You can use Ghost (sometimes comes with partition magic) to compress your HD to a backup periodically.

Note: If all you want is access to the *nix terminal on windows I suggestion u just use cygwin. With the proper .bashrc scripts and a X-windows setup you can get all the cool feel of linux on your windows box.