Building a new Workstation/Rig

Hello Guys n Gals!

I am currently looking to buy a Setup for design.

First and foremost, there will be a PC.
I accumulated the following components:

i9 12000k - CPU - about 600$
Palit GameRock 3080 Ti - about 1600$
32 - 64 gigs of RAM - about 3600 mhz

and I will also have to get a fairly color-accurate Monitor.

Since EIZO ColorEdge is very expensive, and other models also cover 99% of srgb at half the price, while refreshing at double the rate, I wanted to ask:

Do you have any recommendations for Hardware that might be superior to my components, specifically in blender? Of course, in about the same price range.

My budget for everything including mouse and keyboard is about 5,000$.

Might be interesting

If you need a PC like RIGHT NOW, then sure you can proceed with what you already proposed, but if you can wait a few months (till about the end of the year) you will have:

  • more new stuff to pick from (Ryzen 7000 & RDNA3, Nvidia lovelace, Intel Raptor Lake & Arc alchemist, more PCIe 5 SSDs and DDR5 RAMs)
  • Price drop of previous gen (what you are aiming for right now might cost like half the price, especially that $1600 3080TI ).
  • End of the year deals

AIBs are already selling GPUs under MSRP just to get rid of this gen stock, before the next gen comes out.


I do have a relatively okay system to work until then, i guess.

Lets just hope the silicon demand can be met and cpus won’t skyrocket as well

Also Ryzen 7000 means DDR5 memory means more expensive motherboard etc… but i guess it would be cheaper in the long long run.

I just leave a configuration here as a base for discussion. If only you can’t wait, especially for the new Nvidia GPUs.
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