Building a PC - is this the right place to ask?

Hi. I would like to ask some advice regarding specific stuff when it comes to build a new pc.
Is this the right place to ask?!

Thanks a lot,

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just wait until AMD release(it is worth to wait) this CPU in september this year and then build new PC on Ryzen 3950x

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I’m in the middle of waiting on my new specs to a whole new PC that is good enough with Blender.

I think “Technical Support” is the right place for you to ask this. This tab, Blender 2.8, is only about 2.8 and its related features and discussions.

Many questions to ask you, but I am not sure if we should keep here or should we move at the “Technical support” part as @DawnDarkness suggested,

Let me know what do you think

I’ve taken the liberty to move your thread here into the Technical support. Now fire your questions;)

Thanks !
I have been working for a long time with my laptop, mainly using Modo, Rhino and Keyshot. After Blender 2.8 I decided to migrate and give it a try. I think this update got me totally enthusiastic about migrating. Plus modo is insane expensive for me at this moment.
So, I am Industrial Designer , but really interested in learning animation and Archviz. I save money for a long time in order to finally buy whatever I want without limitations. Of course I do not want to have something I do not need.

I will not be using extensive amount of data building words or making games with million of polygons.
My interest: Product rendering and animation, Archviz and playing with particles and physics.

I am certain that I want to try AMD threadripper (I will also get fasters speeds in Keyshot , non GPU based) , but I surely want to take the advantage of GPU in Blender.

I was recommended by @bnzs to wait for Ryzen 3950 X . I am wondering what is the main difference with Ryzen 2970WX available a this moment. I am not an specialist in hardware. So I am thinking why the 3950 worth the wait ?

Also I would like to inform myself about the GPU world. I am a bit confused about how many videocards I need to play with the things I want. I was thinking to buy two 1080 TI , thought that was enough for my goal. But honestly do not understand for example what in the card is the important thing to look at. I guess the VRAM for example if I have two 1080 ti with 11 GB each ,would I have a 22 gb outcome ? Is that enough or to over the top? What is the feature that RTX cards bring to the game ? They are substantially more expensive compared to GTX cards …I am wondering why or what will I gain?

To Sum up:
are two 1080 TI cards with 11 GB each enough to play with archviz, products and some animation with particles, smoke, physics? I think I am one more victim of Instagram and the crazy dudes doing loops and the hipe thing with Cinema…I was just attracted to explore that with Blender.

Thank you so much.

I am wondering what is the main difference with Ryzen 2970WX available a this moment.

3950X overall for user low cost

if I have two 1080 ti with 11 GB each ,would I have a 22 gb outcome ?

no - if you want plusing vram then only RTX card + NVlink (2070 super or 2080 or 2080ti) - but render software (at least cycles) not support addition of vram

I am wondering why or what will I gain?

for example OCTANE render now already can use RT cores on RTX card to faster rendering


May be cycles in some time can use RT cores too. But for now i would take 1080ti (one or two does not matter - if they cheap - two- if in your region no - then - one)

Dual 1080Ti might be a bit of overkill, unless you’re certain you need all that VRAM. You might consider dual RTX 2060 or 2070 Supers. While RTX support isn’t widespread, and not in Blender at the moment, there’s a lot of stuff cooking.

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Especially considering crazy prices on 1080ti’s

What’s your budget?

Oh, thought It could be possible. I saw a video on you tube
they show benchmarks with two 1080TI . Not sure how did the do it .

I am not sure if I need two cards to be honest. I would like to see results fast and I thought would be better with two. Excuse my english, but what do you mean with “overkill” when it comes to two 1080 ti .

Maybe I need to research what exactly do i need in a card…i thought VRAM was the only thing. Apparently not.

Begin with a 3950X, which should be much better in single threaded tasks compared to any other existing AMD processor, and almost on par with top Intel cpus with its 4.7GHz turbo boost. It would most probably be a beast in Keyshot rendering (or any other cpu rendering engine). The AMD’s SMT is working miracles in multi-threaded tasks from what I’ve seen so far.

As for the gpu, my opinion is to start off with a single card for now and see how it goes with your workflow.
If a 2080Ti could fit in the budget, then go for it.

The important questions are; what’s your budget, and what exactly are you thinking about your monitor setup?

not sure if they are the same, but in they are 350 euros…

My budget 3500/4000 usd. I think i should be able to make it. Hope so.
I mentioned the 2970 cause has more processors. But its true they are slower . So might be in an overalll faster to have the 3950X

they show benchmarks with two 1080TI

cycles work on many card but not adding memory each cards - you limit by lowest vram amount of card (2x1080ti = you limit 11gb per scene ot example 1080ti+1070 = you limit 8gb per scene because 1070)

Hm, looks really suspicious indeed.
And looks like it’s some third-party sellers without a warranty

The new 3950X might have less cores/threads than the 2970WX, but its rendering performance should be fairly close. The important factor here is STP (single threaded performance), which you’ll be needing 99% of your working/editing time. Here the 3950X should crush the previous Threadripper generation chips. So, keep that factor in mind. Furthermore, the big TR chips had their problems with Windows scheduler and latency issues (especially the 2970WX and 2990WX). The most balanced chip of this series was the 2950X. One more factor is the price. The 3950X will come at around 700-750$, while the 2970X costs ~1150$ right now.

With 4K$ you could build yourself a very decent WS for Blender or any other app you’re interested in.

You didn’t tell us about the monitors.

Got it , so It is not only VRAM what I need to check in the card. If I understand right VRAM will give me the possibility to store more geometry, but the speed of the scene has to do with the processor of the card right?

Thanks! good to have some advice here…You are helping me a lot.

One more question: For example Keyshot, isnt using multi-threads? I thought that was why the render slots were multiple on the videos I checked.
The monitor I am use to to use one monitor between 24 in or 27.