Building a stealth game (Upbge)

Hello everyone
I’m building a stealth game in Upbge, no time to finish the game
I am creating and testing various possibilities.
Here is a video to demonstrate progress.

Stealth Game Upbge

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I like the animations. Some transitions look a bit rough, but overall good job.

so the work is in progress or do you have no time to finish the game ? lol

in progress

looks very nice ! But he left stealth foot prints everywhere like a farmer :smiley:

I’m willing to do this:
1-It will be a stealthy game with little or no combat.
2- The footprints are to give tension to the player, if walk faster or run the footprints is bigger, if walking slowly is less time.
Enemies will follow in their footsteps until they disappear.

For now I’m doing half in python and half in logical bricks, but I want to do the whole game in python (if I can).