Building a street with Array and Curve follow

Hello I´m using blender since 2 Month and I´m really glad about it.

Now I´ve registered here in this forum because I have an issue which I can´t solve myself.

I´m working on a project where I need to build roads. I wanted to use the array and follow curve modifier to extrude a short roadpattern along it to creat the whole road. This is great and works good so far. But if I start to move the curve points up and make a curve in the road, like a road comes from a hill with a curve and than to be continuate even on the plane ground, it starts to twist the extrudion along the curve, the road is sloped cause from the twist, also on the plane ground where the curve points are on the same height, but I need to get it work without twisting. I hope you can understand what my issue is.

Would be great if someone could help me with this.

Best regards,

It’s not visible in the 3D viewport, but curves also have a tilt property. Select the curve, go to Edit Mode, select a point that’s problematic, then Ctrl-T to adjust the tilt.

Hi thezodiac,

thank´s alot really helpfull, this was exactly what I was looking for!
It´s impressive how blender makes it possible to creat what I want!

Thank´s alot for your answere,

Now I have another question, is it possible to make a turnout with curves and curve extrudion? Like the Mesh is first following one curve, then it splits in two and it follows both new branches of the curve?

I can’t think of any good way to do that. Curves in Blender don’t allow for branching paths.

Okay, than I have to finde a work arround, like creating the road via array/curve and model the turnout extra.

Thank´s alot for your answere!