Building a tank

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I want to build a tank in 3 different sections.

  1. I want to build the base that will move foward, backward, and turn left and right.
  2. I want a turrent that can rotate left and right.
  3. I want a gun that will move up and down.

I want the gun to move with the turrnet and the turrent to move with the body. I have tried to parrent it but the turrnet falls off of the body and bounces around. Can anyone give me some help with this, or maby a tutorial that will help me soulve these types of proublems.
Also, is there a way to make all movment of my tank stop when the user presess a single button.
Thanks for any help,

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tanks are cool… anyways

yes… all is possible

make ur body that hold everything toegether
make ur disc shape that turns on body and turns barrel
make barrel that looks up and down

parent the barrel to the disc shape, parent the disc shape to the body


u cannot do this… this is y it falls

on the body… add friction by fiddling with the dampening numbers, change it to 0.9 , its right below the “actor” button

do u know that u can make non-dynamic AND dynamic objects turn and move with Drot and DLoc motion? cuz thats what u need to use for nondynamic objects…also the motions dont slide

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this is a tank demo that was created by Carsten Wartmann. It may help you out and allow you to generate some ideas on model design

This second link is a UV texture demonstration provided by Jan Walter and Reevan Mckay(I pray to reach his level of skill).
After you finish bilding your tank, you can make it look its best by refering to the UV Dropship example. Peace!

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Thanks all