Building a team for Short movie

Hello everyone, we are a startup company looking to build a team to create an award-winning short movie
if anyone is interested in joining the team please share your portfolio, and time estimate he/she can spend weekly to: [email protected], or contact me directly on: 009613877135 - Omar PT

Team needed:
1- Character designer/ sculpturing
2- Rigging expert
3- environment designer
4- VFX and sfx

the payment will be based on the team will join, (time, experience and role)

the short movie will be about my company but from a creative and abstract perspective, it will be mixed between 2D and 3D or great scale vs color.

the main character is already created. the script is under creation.


hey, do you have any examples that could help us understand what kind of designs you are looking for?
Thank you


I also would like to see references.

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