Building and prop modellers.

This is a roll call for anyone who is interested in contributing to a game. At the moment we are in the very early early stages of production but as and when the ball starts to roll for modelling we are going to need a hand.

It’s totally independent and so far we have a very small team of 4 working on it, but because of this, the work is unpaid.

The game will be a survival horror set in a small town, and yes, it’s a zombie game, BUT with a difference. More on that later.

So far all we can say is that you start with a choice of three characters each different in weight that will determine the game difficulty.
The player must get to the other side of town with only one life avoiding groups of the undead. The player must figure out the best and safest route to get to the next area. The further into town the harder things get…

Still very new and in the early stages here is our Facebook page

And our Wikia page which will continue to grow as the game grows.

The main focus of this thread is prop and building modellers. Either you make them from scratch (which a lot will have to be anyway) or you have some your happy to donate.

As I said, at the moment this is just a roll call. We are very interested in knowing at this stage who will be interested.

(We have already had people interested and join the team, AND we are still looking.)

Obviously you will get a game credit and a free copy when it’s finally done. Reply here or PM me.

Many thanks…

I am interested but i am not very experienced at the moment. Send me info and how can i help . [email protected]

Hi, Just to keep things alive. We are getting close to starting the building work for our Survival Horror game. We have had a couple people interested in helping out. If there are any more of you out there wanting to help out that would be great. Currently finishing of the character Model for one of our main playable characters, including texture testing with backgrounds. Either PM me or leave a reply here.

Many thanks…

Sent you a PM

Greetings! An update. We are still looking for people to help out regarding our project. The interest we have had has been great and the guys helping out are brilliant. But there is only so much we can throw at them. Our game is progressively going well and our plan is to get the first area of the game made so we can put together a demo version. This way we can test the whole thing before going head on into the full game. So more buildings and props need making.

Many thanks

I can help with some models that I have already

That sounds great. I’ll send you a PM…

I’d love to help out, send me a PM. couple works I’ve done more to show by request.