Building and using a library of materials

I’ve got to the point where I’m fairly comfortable creating basic models and working with materials. I’m looking for a way to save the materials I’ve created on one model into some generic area so I can use those materials more easily in future projects.
For example, I might have a good camoflage texture for a tank model. I’d like to save it off so that other vehicle models can be created and can use this camoflage texture.
I know I can create Fake users for materials to keep them alive and that I can just have a blend file with all the materials in them and use that as a starting point each time. However, it would be nicer to be able to keep that blend file (or material file) somewhere and just pull in the materials as needed. Any hints or tips on how this should be organised/done?

so long as you name the materials so you’ll remember them, making a .blend with all your textures then appending to the file your working on as you need them is probably the best atm. or make a few styled .blends.
for later there’s whispers of a library style set up for materials but that may be 6-12 months away yet.

Using ‘Append or Link’ (Shift+F1), you can add all kind of objects, cameras, IPOs, materials, etc, to a single .blend file which you can then use a library.

/ Mats