Building Beta version of Blender

I currently have Blender 2.76 install on my Android smartphone (Samsung allows you to install Ubuntu Linux on their flagship phones). However, after trying out 2.8 on my PC, I really want it on my phone. Since the latest version available for me is v2.76, have to resort to compiling my own version. I found building instructions for the current stable versions. Does anyone know where I can find instructions for version 2.8?

The steps are the same. The master branch actually is current 2.80. 2.79 was moved a few months ago.

Oh, and welcome to BA.

Thank you and that’s great to hear! I guess I’ll start building now!

Have fun and let us know how it worked out. To be honest I am a bit sceptical in regards to hardware compatibility. But I wish you good luck!

So I did come across issues with OpenColorIO and OpenImageIO during the build process. Turns out that they have SSE optimizations turned on by default. This will prevent me from building. I disabled SEE and OpenColorIO building went through just fine. Now I have to do the same for OpenImageIO. Im quite busy so Im hoping I can get a full build during the weekend when I have more time.

So I was able to successfully build Blender 2.8. However, the performance is really choppy on the 3D view (Might be because the GPU is emulated on my Arm64 install) and the background is really dark. Wireframe mode also doesnt work. Any reason why this would happen?

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Since I never tried it on a phone I can only guess it’s due to the hardware. But it’s cool that it worked out in some way.

Did you try using the standard packages for these? The only dependencies I am currently building from source are OpenShadingLanguage and OpenSubdiv; all the rest comes from Debian packages.

Correction, I am currently also using source builds for OpenEXR, ILMBase and OpenCOLLADA, because last time I checked, the Debian packages seemed too old. That was a while ago, so I should really check again.