Building BGE Sky

Hello everyone;

I know my profile is a little vacant, and that is because I am new here. I am wanting to get into video game development mostly because I would love to see my ideas get somewhere. However I am learning a lot of this stuff from just tutorials on youtube, and for some reason nothing works on my end. I am looking for help on a spherical mapping. I was following a video ( and my image is not showing up. I changed viewpoint to textured, selected ‘shadeless’ under material tab and added image under the texture tab. What could I be missing, or is there a more indepth tutorial I could be using that wouldn’t give me these problems. Sorry for asking for help for my first time here, but I am very new to these things and would like to do more with video games rather than play them.

Thank you.

did you uv unwrap the sphere?

“nothing works on my end”

Yeah, I can remember of that. It sucks but good news is that as time goes by things fall into place.

So, how about you attach your .blend so we can have a look.

On my edit tab, I couldn’t find a ‘uv unwrap’…

  • Mouse into 3D view
  • <tab> to enter mesh edit mode
  • select the faces you want to apply an UV mapping (usually all).
  • <u> to unwrap
  • select one of the unwrap methods
  • <tab> to leave the mesh edit mode.

Now you can assign a texture.

A) with the UV Editor

  • open the view-set “UV Editing”.
  • on the right sight select your object
  • <tab> to enter mesh edit mode
  • on the left side you should see an orange 2D mesh representing your UV map
  • on the left side menu click new or open to get an image. It will be applied to all selected faces

B) via Material/texture Tab

  • go to Material tab
  • add a new Material if there is none
  • go to texture tab
  • add a new texture if there is none
  • select type “Image or Movie”
  • open or New an Image
  • Set Mapping/Coordinates to UV

It is better to do B) even if you did A) first. The BGE does not really like missing materials. I usually do both.

BTW. make sure your 3D view is in Textured or Material Mode. Otherwise you do not see the textures.

i also started with that tutoial a few years ago, i can say you did not exactly what he did :wink:
it are good tutorials, and if you do what he says all things should work.

4.30 - 7.18 minutes at the tutorial check it out.

Okay, I think I solved it. Apparently I had to move from textured mode to material mode in order to view image. Little getting use to and some work I guess with this stuff. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: