Building Blender From CVS In Linux

I already build nightly cvs builds in Windows with Cygwin. Since I moved up to Linux I have yet to build Blender in Linux. I installed Scons to build Blender. Now I have an error message-
“distutils.errors.DistutilsPlatformError: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.4/config/Makefile (No such file or directory):”

Python 2.4 is already installed.

Do I have to edit a path or file to setup Scons for Python 2.4? Can anyone share the steps to compiling Blender with Scons in Linux. I’m running Mandriva 2006 an RPM based setup.


you need to install python-dev package. you have broken dependencies.

Which ones? All of them, apache, etc… ? Sorry I’m new to this in Linux. With Cygwin I have every package installed automatically when I set it up.

similar from google

don’t know - have looked here but nothing like python-dev?

debian has python-dev package and it provide the missing file you described … you can spot it here (older version)

if you don’t find the rpm, maybe convert some deb with alien? I think alien rpm is somewhere on mandrivas disks?


Thanks for the links. I’ve been so busy trying to cram other project details, tasks and take time out for Linux and coding. Building Blender in Linux was an afterthought. Thanks.

Oh No! tedi you set me up! I thought I was stuck with “RPM Drake”. I did some urpmi tricks and now I"m searching through Synaptic, I see “Apt” installed but I keep “getting” this error in the console-

//[…@…Desktop]$ apt-get mplayer
E: Invalid operation mplayer
[…@… Desktop]$//

Agrhhhhhh! It’s not working like it does in Ubuntu…

Anyway, I’m ure that I’ll figure it out now. Thanks!

why didn’t you just try to download the rpm first?


it’s for fedora, but it places files in the same place


apt-get install mplayer

this should work :slight_smile:

Well I got scons up and going. Today is the start of my Lunux Blender cvs builds. I ran into a problem so I posted a chunk of the error code here-

source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_Joystick.cpp:30:17: error: SDL.h: No su
ch file or directory
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:41: error: 'SDL_Event
' does not name a type
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:45: error: ISO C++ fo
rbids declaration of 'SDL_Joystick' with no type
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:45: error: expected '
;' before '*' token
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h: In constructor 'SCA_
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:48: error: class 'SCA
_Joystick::PrivateData' does not have any field named 'm_joystick'
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:48: error: 'NULL' was
 not declared in this scope
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_Joystick.cpp: In member function 'void

bf-blender/build/linux2/source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_Joystick.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

What am I missing? Thanks for your help.

SDL development packages.
dpkg -S SDL.h -> libsdl1.2-dev: /usr/include/SDL/SDL.h
If you are on debian or ubuntu maybe a apt-get build-dep blender can solve your problem with missing packages.