building blender from CVS on Os X

There is 4 build systems for Os X, which one should I use with 10.3 ?

I don’t want to go to dev forums for I do not have really the time, but I’m wondering if some of the extensions I wrote for POV ages ago could be rebuild for blender.

I’d tried the Scons system, After tweaking to make him compile from sw/python2,2, it failed for no obvious reasons on a md5 after yafray lib.

I’m wondering now if it’s the way to go, or should I use the NaN system.

Use the old make command. Works perfect for me. Python works and plugins work. Infact everything except Sound works for me. ! ^v^ I’m lucky I guess…


This is the method I am using.


works like a charm. As it was dubbed as the “old” method, I tried the scons first :frowning:

Now, I just have to dig in the source. :frowning: