Building blender in windows: HELP!

Hi, I have the official blender 2.42a source code from, but it dosen’t come with the lib files neccecary to compile, is it possible to get all of the lib files separate from the CVS source, and then download the CVS source w/out the libs? I’m using a library computer for dsl (I have dial-up) and the time they give you is not enough to download 80 mb in one chunk. If someone could post a link to a spot to get them separately, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks…

read that :slight_smile:

okay, I got the source and the libs (I was able to extend my library time) but when I run the scons thing after awhile I get a lot of… warning: ignoring #pragma warning. And then it finally crashes at:
Compiling ==> ‘mallocn.c’
gcc: i586: No such file or directory
gcc: no input files
scons: *** [C:\build\install\intern\guardedalloc\intern\mallocn.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.
what do I need to do to make it compile? Note: I’m not using tortoise CVS, I just dowloaded the tarball so the link provided was a little obsolete, seeing as how I’m not going to install a CVS program on a library computer. Thank you…(edit) also I’m using dev-c++ which came with mingw 3.1.0 that could be my problem, can you get the new mingw without having to get the online installer thing? thanks…