building blender with local scons?

Hi i have read this from jesterking

But i am to stupid for it, i can´t build Blender.
Could someone explain how to build this way?
Ubuntu 8.04 64
I always have build with installed scons ( now 1.xx) cause .9xx don´t work anymore.


I’m no help, but in the latest revision I can no longer build either (again ubuntu 8.04 64bit)
I’ve been successfully building up until a couple of days ago…

i get the following errors after running scons

scons: Reading SConscript files …
ImportError: No module named Variables:
File “/home/michael/svn-blender/blender/SConstruct”, line 42:
import tools.btools
File “/home/michael/svn-blender/blender/tools/”, line 6:
import SCons.Variables

is this related to this change?
Can I no longer build with scons from the repository?

I have had the same Problem, make a update to scons 1.1xx that works for me!
I have made a Build of FreestyleBlender 1 hour ago that works, now i try to build a version of Sim_physics but i got problems there with “-Wdeclaration-after-statement” lot of warnings.
maybe it works :wink:

Ok Works “scons: done building targets.”

But how to build with sScons_local?


I am getting the same thing 'cept on a windows XP latest SCONS 1.1.0.


according to this commit log, you do

python scons/

instead of only scons in your Blender source directoy. Didn’t test myself yet though, only found the log message. :slight_smile:

Thanx Sanne
easy like scons,


Thanks for bringing that up, and thanks Sanne.
Works for me on Ubuntu.

Ok, Thanks for that, that works a treat:)… anyone know how to multithread this or pass other options?

I normally do

scons -j4 WITH_BF_PLAYER=yes

Michael W: Do you have


as part of your (Where 2 is the number of cores you have available)

Or does that do the same as scons -j

And to all of you:
P.S. Update to Ubuntu Interpid Ibex! 8.10!

Did you uninstall the old scons?

Seems like it’d do the same… Shame to have to put it in the config.

Why is this new method necessary btw?

As far as I can tell, it isn’t, it’s an option. Using ‘scons’ still works on my install. I think it is so that you can still build, regardless of which version of SCons your particular OS supports.

The excerpt from jesterKing’s commit log:-

This means that from now on one doesn't need to install SCons explicitely. Instead,
the user can now start a build by doing:
  D:\blenderdev\currentsvn>python scons\

This way people won't have to worry about what their OS of choice offers for SCons
support - they will always have the latest supported SCons version at their disposal.

If necessary, one can always keep using their own install (provided it is supported
by our build scripts), by giving the normal scons command.

You did update SCons to 1.1.0? I guess now that the devs have upgraded we all must follow suit, and this will allow some sort of backwards compatibility. (Though only if you read the commit logs - which I don’t - Thanks again Sanne).

(Actually come to think of it, it does stir a vague memory, maybe it was mentioned somewhere)

How the heck do I install Scons on Ubuntu 8.10? I don’t know. I downloaded a .zip and hoped there was a .deb or something. :frowning:

OK, first read the install file slowly and carefully and follow what it says.
Second, there is a .deb. On the scons web page look over on the right(I missed it too), at the top.( you will probably get a 404, or it will time out - maybe they are busy)
Third you can use alien to convert the .rpm to a .deb(I am using this one now - works so far)

You can also get a link to a .deb here:-
Thanks go to Surt for the link.


If you don’t want to put it in a config file, you can just use:

python scons/ -j4 WITH_BF_PLAYER=yes

Thanks to the recent inclusion of Scons with the Blender source code, you don’t actually need to install Scons any more (unless you need to use it on other projects too). I was having trouble with Scons on Ubuntu 8.10 (I tried to install the latest version, but it still wouldn’t work for me) but using the local Scons worked perfectly.

Thanks Rawpigeon!

the first time I install;ed SCONS 1.1.0 I did tried removing and reinstalling, and now scons isn’t recognized by the system as a command(it was before) is the path different now?

Yes, the path is different now. The old SCons batch file was at your python base directory. Now it is in \Python25\Scripts. Add this to your path and restart.