Building Blender without scons ?

Hi !

I’ve managed to build Blender using scons with mpan3’s tutorial.
But I am now trying to learn C, and I’ve downloaded Code::Blocks to play with.
I was wondering: what would prevent me from building Blender using CB or Dev-C++ ?
After all they use mingw (at least here) to compile, which is also what scons do…

Or am I missing something very obvious ?

You can use any editor (or IDE like Code::Blocks) to edit the code, but I really suggest you still compile using scons.

/Nathan ‘scons master’ Letwory

Mmmmh can you just shortly explain why ?
It is just that i have no real notion about that… Code Blocks seems so much more comfortable than “scons BF_TOOLKIT=mingw etc…”

JesterKing can probably say better, but I suspect its because otherwise you’d need to set it up so that all the include files are included properly, along with libraries linked correctly, and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting (compiler flags?, build progress?). That might be harder to do in an IDE (not worth the time or effort you’d put into it) than just a line or two at the terminal with an already set-up system.

So it is more or less because the SVN is presented in a form that scons is well adapted to ?
But technically those IDE are able to compile big programms like that, aren’t they ?
It is just that i understand better what a pre-processor is, what the compiler and linker do, the header files etc… And scons looks like black magic to me: you put a dll here, invoke a BF_TOOLKIT , some flags etc and voila !

The scons system is well-maintained and it will be so in the future. Project files often lag behind. Also, scons is cross-platform (not that important for you I guess ;).

All you need to do is create a .bat file that executes the proper command with options for you, so you won’t have to type long lines that often.

Again, you still can use IDEs for editing.