building blender

Thought I’d post this here, if for nothing else than to get an issue recognized on the net. Because this is probably not the best place to get this answered.

I found two issues when trying to build the latest blender using windows/cygwin/make/gnu stuff.


FTVectoriser.cpp: In member function `void FTVectoriser::MakeMesh(FTGL_DOUBLE)’:

FTVectoriser.cpp:186: error: invalid conversion from GLvoid (*)()' toGLvoid (

You can see a past issue which seems to match this by googling for “blender error ftvectoriser”, and following the first link. The thread talks about how the issue was resolved with an updated makefile which they checked in. Unfortunately, I can’t do that.

Someone else though showed me how to get past that error, by adding the following line to my

export WITH_FREETYPE2=false

That allows the second error to show up, which I can’t find mentioned anywhere on the net.

x1c): undefined reference to `_FT_Glyph_Get_CBox’
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Does anyone know how to fix these problems?

you say you are using Cygwin… so you can get and run CVS. Then you can “checkout” the make file with the co command. Sorry if I seem triet here but it has been a while since I used CVS so I can not be much more help I just have to tell you to dl the man file as well and read it. Truly sorry. Hope this helps some.

Thanks for the reply.

But I have the latest makefile etc. The problem as I see it is, that the makefile is broken again–and that someone more knowledgable than me will have to fix it. Once it’s fixed, re checking it out would do me some good.

I’ve got a fully functional Athlon-optimized-Cygwin build during the night… no error at all… and man, that’s sooooooooooo fast! :smiley:

If you got an Athlon XP, Athlon MP or Sempron processor tell me and I will post a link to download.


The only problem I had is compiling under VisualC++ 2005 (MSVC8), no error building the first part (inside the intern folder) but it gives a ton of errors when compiling the second part (in the projectfiles_cv7/blender folder). So no Yafray direct rendering since Yafray cannot be built with Cygwin.

Anyone knows if it’s still true that compiling under Cygwin results in no sound support?

I do have an athlon xp, but am content for now to just have blender 2.41 :smiley: .

Was it a clean checkout? I.e. did you delete your previous source directories, or do a make clean? That’s when the problem started for me.

tried both, but no MSVC8 build succeded :frowning:

Hurray to Cygwin :smiley: