Building Blender


I want to build Blender, but my programming skills isn’t really good (almost non-existing) and I would like to ask some questions about this. First I wonder, how hard is it? I know it’s hard, but how long time would it take to learn all the basics I would need to be able to add smaller functions? How long time would it take to learn add bigger functions?

If I’m using windows, which compilers should I use? Is there any good tutorials I should know off? Even if I know some programming (very little c++, I can make a “guess a number” game:yes:) I’m a total noooob.

Please can someone with experience tell me about building blender, because I really like the software and I want to help imroving it:)

Please someone, I know there are some people here on this forum that has experience, write something about it. Because I really want to improve Blender!

(replying on my own post…)

Hi there!

I just recently learned how to build Blender, thanks to oogsnoepje’s help.

Check out my thread here if you’re trying to build on win32:

Some suggestions:

Create a top level folder like “blender_svn25” (that’s what I call mine).

Then create another folder, call it ‘blender,’ in this same directory create a folder and call it ‘lib.’

Do you know where to look up the SVN?

Navigate to the library level and checkout the whole thing into the lib folder.

I’m using MSVC to build on win32, just download the Visual Express C++, the free version of Visual Studio.

Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

Reading through the blender wiki about building blender for the third time…

There are good information (but hard to understand) that help a lot. But could you tell me about the first time you started and how long time it took to learn and build and everything! I mean, that experience isn’t something that you read about in tutorials and it’s interesting and very helpful.

Do you know where to look up the SVN?

Don’t even know what it is! HAHAHA

That’s the next step I’m still on the part to get all the tools and quickly read through a book about c.

Um, you don’t need to know C to build blender.

Just download C++ Express and CMake.

Configure options in CMake and it builds the project files for you. Then you open the Blender Visual Studio Solution, select Release from the drop down and click the green build/run arrow.

These links should help you:

Oh my God! What should I learn then? I though I read that Blender was mostly written in C!

It is written in C, but building Blender is a separate process from modifying Blender. To build, you don’t need any knowledge of C, you just put in the magic commands and it magically builds.

If you want to contribute changes to Blender, then yes, learn C.

See these guides from Mike Pan, may help:

Compile Blender Advanced
Compile Blender Simple

See these guides from Mike Pan, may help:

Compile Blender Advanced

Compile Blender Simple


However, I don’t want to be irritating, so I will stop asking stupid question. But could you please tall me a little about when you guys started and how long time it took to learn?


Thanks! I had wondered where those went to!!:eek:

Trying compile 2.5 I have this error:

intern/audaspace/SRC/AUD_SRCResampleReader.h:32:24: error: samplerate.h: No existe el fichero ó directorio
In file included from intern/audaspace/SRC/AUD_SRCResampleFactory.cpp:27:
intern/audaspace/SRC/AUD_SRCResampleReader.h:69: error: ISO C++ prohíbe la declaración de ‘SRC_STATE’ sin tipo
intern/audaspace/SRC/AUD_SRCResampleReader.h:69: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘*’ token
scons: *** [/home/dani/blendersource/blender2.5/build/linux2/intern/audaspace/SRC/AUD_SRCResampleFactory.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

It’s something about Sound Brach I think, any ideas?



I can’t even imagine coding IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!!:eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’ve had issues building with openal on.

If you’re using CMake try turning it off when you configure your build options.

I only build with it off now until the sound branch is stabilized.

sorry, I should have put more info:
I’m with ubuntu 9.04 and scons

I have already tried to disable openal with no luck :frowning:


I started over 10 years ago. Good luck :cool:

libsamplerate isn’t found on your system, or the path to the header / library isn’t set correctly. Can’t say more than that, sorry.

I’m building with OpenAL all the time, works fine here.

Of course, it’s not possible to help without more knowledge about the situation.

*puts on his Gil Grissom glasses

You probably just need to install libsamplerate-dev; it’s a new dependency added by the sound system rewrite.

I just built Blender 2 days ago for the first time using VC++ 08 following this tutorial:

Took me a few hours. I’ve been programming in C++ and Java for about 2 years, but have never worked with a project as big as this. You need no programming skills whatsoever to build Blender however, unless you want to debug it.

I came up upon a few errors after the initial steps when building. Basically some Python dll were missing and then some openal lib was missing, resolved by downloading and putting it in the right place. The most time consuming part was downloading all the programs and tools to build. If you follow that tutorial you should have no problems, and if you do he mentions some of them. I did it all in Windows 7 RC btw. Good luck.

Oh ya, noticed that on the mailing lists.

Is that in the lib folder or do I need to get it somewhwere else?

It’s there for Windows and Mac I think (for Linux it’s easier to install it the usual way.)

I got a problem (as usual)

problem with the compiling! First of, when writing that magical line to the command prompt, I get the error:
scons is not an internal command, extern command, program or commandofile (translated)

What should I do?