Building Blocks - Fundamentals

So, concentrating very hard on the fundamentals of blender I am making “Building Blocks” It is going to be a scene of a desk with a window 3 blocks, sunlight coming through the windows with dust particles coming through and in the background there will be miscellaneous toys. Basically, I hope to learn more about:

Basic modeling, Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering. I will leave the animation part out for right now, however I may make a small animation scene with it, but I’d need an idea and am open to them. I would also like any comments/critique as well as any tutorials you all here think will help

So, I have the basic blocks done… now I need to focus on texturing… and my least favorite part… UVW Mapping lol Here’s the blocks + Wires.

thanks a lot,

Haha wow, it may have taken me forever, but I finally figured out how to save UVW’s and begin texturing!! :slight_smile: Now let’s see if I can’t make some good looking painted wood and wood textures !! :slight_smile:

Some composition… I feel like I’m getting used to it now :slight_smile: