Building Collapse: How to make the bricks stand still.

Greetings All,

My goal is to animate the collapse of a building. I decided the best way was to use the BGE physics engine. However, when I make a building with a bunch of actor cubes, they don’t sit still when I press ‘p’. They wobble and shake prior to any physical action acting upon them.

Examine this video which I did not make, but which has the same problem I’m experiencing:

The bricks move and bounce before anything acts on them.

Is there a way to make them sit still until the impact?

Thanks for your attention.


you have to have them just right:yes:


hows this.blend (476 KB)

yeah, just try to keep them regular shapes such as 2x2 squares or 2x3 rectangles and you’ll be ok. just hold shift down while moving them (snaps it to the grid)

Tho a simple task, this could actually be an interesting debate.

First of all, use the mesh snapping tool to place the bricks.

Then, what I would do is use a script to suspend dynamics for all bricks and restore it back after 2 seconds. See the attached example.


settle_objects.blend (320 KB)

Sorry… Got busy with work this weekend… I will try all your suggestions today.

Thank you for the responses!


I took a look at your blend file and this looks like a good solution. Now I need to read more about scripting in blender because I have no idea how to apply it to my scene… :smiley:



Ok… I see the obvious now that someone pointed out to me the empty that is selected upon opening the blend :smiley:

I applied this to my scene, the wall of bricks is stable… but then an impact which happens does not crumble the wall.

More reading to do :smiley:


wall_test.blend (257 KB)

Disable “No sleeping” for all bricks.


This worked perfectly… Now I will read about all this so it makes sense.

Ty for all your help.